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Why oh why did someone think it was okay to use Rob Liefeld as inspiration for the body proportions from the new Ninja Turtles movie.

They are huge and bulky looking, too cluttered with stuff, and did you notice the nerd? The one with the forsaking taped glasses of course. SUBTLE!

Subtle as opposed to being a 6’ talking turtle who walks into an eye doctor’s office to get new glasses?  Oh and also to make sure they’re custom made to be wider to fit his giant turtle head……….?  

So, Donnie. Can’t properly fix himself a pair of glasses, but make a power glove with a holographic screen, solar panel combat gear that have the strongest internet connection on the planet, a staff that is telescopic and can spring out with such force that he can flip a armored car up in the air and push a shipping container so it flies at the enemy soldiers.

But still tape for his glasses. Yeeeaaaaahhhh… Bull.

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